Sunday, 23 December 2012

Concorde F-WTSA , Musée Delta, Orly, Air Inter Caravelle & Mercure

Some very sad photos of a vandalised Concorde posted on the concordeSST forum recently. This is/was F-WTSA which is on 'display' at the Musee Delta, Athis-Mons, located just a few hundred metres from the runways at Orly airport. Due to planned airport expansion the museum itself is under threat of closure. Devoted to telling the story of the delta wing, the Musée Delta opens for only a handful of hours each week..

Concorde 02 F-WTSA was the fourth aircraft to be manufactured (the second pre-production aircraft) and never saw commercial service, essentially serving as a test-bed for the series aircraft. Sierra-Alpha was the first Concorde to have the dimensions and the shape of future production aircraft: it had the extended tail cone fitted as well as the production specification secondary engine nozzle, with the thrust reverse buckets. 02 was the first Concorde to visit the United States, flying into Dallas, Texas on 20 September 1973. F-WTSA made a total of 314 flights

Recent French TV presentation of the museum, an interview with the owner Jacques Bossuet and a look inside the museum's Air Inter Mercure.

Le Musée Delta (Athis-Mons) by telessonne

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