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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Admiral Kuznetzov and Su 33s in the English Channel

Last Friday Russia's only aircraft carrier passed through the Straits of Dover in the English Channel on its way to Syria to support Assad, passing barely six miles off the coast - the ship would have been visible from the first floor of my house had I been awake! This picture appeared on the Folkestone Herald newspaper FB page.

The best images by far were taken by Nige at dover-marina.com and were free to be republished non-commercially..

and just one comment

".. the Kuznetzov is 80's tech Soviet-era steam turbines driven by 8 boilers ....it's an analogue ship in a digital age it's been past us in 2011 and 2014 shadowed by the York a type 42 in 2011 and the Type 45 Dragon in 2014 ... our new QE class carriers will be bigger and have 21st century tech ... this Russian carrier is like taking a bat to a fight when everyone else has guns..."

Thursday, 13 October 2016

EE Lightning QRA 1970 11 Squadron

posted by Steve Gyles on FB

 ".. I flew with 11 Sqn 1968 to 1971, then 19 Sqn 1972 to 1974. I thought you might like this picture I took during QRA activity in April 1970. I was scrambled at about 0400 hours against 80 tracks coming round North Cape. I was subsequently joined by other Lightnings, F4s and a few tankers. I intercepted 10 aircraft; Graham Clarke in the Lightning in the photo got 7; and the tanker intercepted 3. AOC 1 Group was not at all happy with his tanker getting so close and from then on they were banned from going within 10 miles. Just for the record, the Russians were celebrating Lenin's centenary...this shot was taken towards the end of a 3.5 hour sortie. I had intercepted that one earlier, but all 3 of us ganged up on him as he was taking us straight home to Leuchars. We sat with him for about 15 minutes, then he slowly rocked his wings and turned away. I guess they got some good pictures as well because we tried various formation positions on him..."

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

..the end for RAF Manston

A view from the RAF Manston history museum across the airfield, now idle for some two years..

Lead item on the local TV news channel just yesterday - an independent report has concluded that Manston has no future as an airport or aviation hub following its 'closure' some two years ago. Manston's 2752 meter long runway (the longest and widest in the country) is currently standing idle while arguments for an additional runway in the south-east of the UK continue! 'Developers' have 2,500 houses and business outlets planned. Meanwhile the RAF Manston history Museum - just off the airfield - takes delivery of another 'new' aircraft ...