Saturday, 7 May 2016

Shark-teeth Mustangs over France 1944 - 354th FG collection Jack Cook

1Lt Clark and crew of the 382nd FS with P-51B s/n 43-6964 C3+G "The Mighty Midget" in France during July 1944....

Capt. John Brown and crew of the 382nd FS with their P-51B s/n 42-106647 C3+D "Big Mac Junior" in France during July 1944.

Capt Gordon McCoy of Salem, Oregon 383rd FS peels off over Honington, England on completion of his combat tour flying his P-51D s/n 44-14013 N2+B "Lady Dorothy III".

1Lt Bob McGee and crew by P-51B s/n 42-106486 C3+A "Virginia" of the 382nd FS France 1944.

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