Sunday, 3 May 2020

BREDA-ZAPPATA B.Z.308 airline from 1948 -ebay photo find #104

BREDA-ZAPPATA B.Z.308 four-engine prototype airline of 1948

The B.Z.308 was a four-engined civil transport developed in the late 1940s for operation over both European and transatlantic routes. A large low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, it was powered by four Bristol Centaurus radial engines driving five-bladed propellers. It had a large tailplane with endplate fins and rudders, and had retractable landing gear. The fuselage, oval in cross-section, accommodated a flight crew of five and 55 passengers in two cabins; a high-density model was planned with seats for 80. Construction began during 1946, under aircraft designer Filippo Zappata at Breda's Sesto San Giovanni works. The Allied Commission halted the work, which was not resumed until January 1947. Further delays in the delivery of Bristol Centaurus engines delayed the first flight, which was on 27 August 1948, piloted by Mario Stoppani. Although flight testing went well, the project was abandoned as a result of financial problems, anticipated competition from American airliners in the postwar market, and pressure (under the Marshall plan) to close down Breda's aeronautical section. Breda subsequently stopped producing aircraft entirely.

Monday, 20 April 2020

More 57 Sqn Victors - ebay photo find #103

57 Sqn, Handley Page Victor K.2, XL 160 and 27 Sqn Tornado

57-Sqn-Handley-Page-Victor-K-2-XL 164-at-RAF-Marham

57 Sqn, Victor K.2, XH672 with  two Tornado GR.1s  (27 and 617 Sqns)

on offer here

Monday, 30 March 2020

Lightnings P1B/F1 XG336 /C & XG335 /B Air Fighting Development School Coltishall 1960 - Ebay photo find #102

English Electric Lightnings P1B/F1 XG336 /C  and XG335 /B
Air Fighting Development School,  Coltishall 1960..

Lightning XR 723 & XS 932 refuel from Handley Page Victor Tanker, 11 Sqn c.1969

Lightning T.4 XM997 with Firestreak Missile 1973

Lightning XR721 of 56 Sqn crashed 5 January 1966 - Helmingham nr Wattisham from Bryan Philpott Collection

Belly landed on the B1079 road at Elm Farm, Helmingham eleven miles east of Wattisham, Suffolk after being unable to maintain height following the failure of the No.1 engine. It was on an extended approach to Bentwaters and was approximately 20 miles out. A canopy fault had prevented the pilot from ejecting but the aircraft slid into a tree, the impact of which fired the seat, which was now outside its limits, killing the pilot, Flying Officer D. Law. The aircraft came to a halt at the wall of a roadside cottage.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Picture of the day - Stukageschwader 77 - French-born ace Werner Roell

A line-up of St.G 77 Stukas - note 'S2' code just visible- from the album of French-born 'ace' Werner Roell

via Jean-Louis Roba

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

TSR-2 & LIGHTNING T.4 chase aircraft - ebay photo find #100

A selection of neat TSR-2 original press shots for sale on the Aviation Bookshop ebay sales page at the time of writing, including some (new to me) shots featuring the Lightning T.4 chase aircraft and other BAC types.

TSR 2 story on this blog here

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

4th FG Spitfire Vb

On 13 January 1943 Spitfire Vb BL240 Coded MD-L 336th FS, 4th FG piloted by Lt. Bishop made a safe forced landing at RAF Manston on the south-east coast. Cat Ac damage (repair is beyond the unit capacity, but can be repaired on site by another unit or a contractor) was repaired on site.

On 12th March 1943 the aircraft, piloted by 1st Lt Hazen S. Anderson, was despatched with 40 other aircraft from 4th FG to perform a fighter sweep in front of a formation of B-17s attacking the railroad marshalling yards at Rouen/Sotteville, France. The aircraft was attacked by German fighters near St. Omer, France and pilot was forced to abandon the aircraft and was captured as a Prisoner of War. (POW). No MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) was issued for this loss.

Photo: Spitfire Vb BL240 MD-L of the 336th FS, 4th FG (ex 133 Sqn, RAF), 8th AF, pilot Major Carl H 'Spike' Miley. Photo from American Air Museum in Britain, under Creative Commons licence.

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