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Javelin, Arrow, Canberra - a selection of images released by the MoD/ RAF, Navy, aircraft manufacturers and agencies for media use

A selection of images released by the MoD/ RAF, Navy, aircraft manufacturers and agencies for media use

Air-to-air shot of Javelin Mk4   a/c XA755, Meteor NF14 a/c WS724 and Gladiator  K8032 in formation at  184mph - the fastest the poor old Gladiator could manage. The Javelin and Meteor in this photo were scrapped in 1963 and 1962 --the Gladiator lives on at Shuttleworth.   Image dated 21 July 1959

Saunders-Roe A1 in civilian markings G-12-1 moored on the River Thames by the Houses of Parliament. She had been flown in  test pilot Geoffrey Tyson for British Gas Turbine week as part of the Festival of Britain. By this time her days were numbered as the idea of a flying-boat jet fighter may have seemed a good idea in 1944 - by the early 1950's it was outmoded.  Image dated June 17th 1951.

Air-to-ship shot of a Buccaneer S1 (possibly XK932?) 121/R of 801 Squadron Fleet Air Arm being catapaulted off the end of HMS Ark Royal. Image dated March 20th 1963

Javelin prints from the 1950s. From bottom left to right; Ground to ground shot of a Javelin Mk8 (a/c unkown) taking off. Image dated 1958

Ground to ground shot of Javelin FAW1 (a/c XA571) with flight crew after delivery to RAF. Crews pictured ar Gloster test pilots Peter Varley and Peter Scott with navigator Bob Jefferies. (Image dated Jan 26th 1956)

Ground to ground shot of 9 Javelin FAW1's at the makers test airfield of Moreton Valence awaiting delivery to the RAF. Two a/c closest to camera are XA552 (destroyed on gunnery ranges) and XA553 (now in S Africa on static display) (Image dated Sept 3rd 1955)

Air-to-air shot of five Javelins in formation for the first time. a/c closest to camera is XA544. Image dated Jan 13th 1955 .

Ground shot of legendary fighter and test pilot Neville Duke and a Hawker Hunter T7 (possibly a/c XL586) Image dated July  21st 1976.

Air to air shot of Canberra T4 in one-off non operational red and white livery over Rutland celebrating 21 years of the Canberra. a/c is WE192 and pilots are grp Capt Kingshott O.C, RAF Cottesmore and Sqd Ldr D Merriman O.C. 231 OCU. Sadly all that's left of a/c now is the cockpit section at Blyth Valley Aviation Collection. Image dated May 5th 1973

Air-to-ship shot of a Phantom (a/c unknown) landing - or as the arrestor hook isn't down, doing a touch and go on HMS Eagle. Image dated 1969
The Avro Arrow a revolutionary jet interceptor, designed and built by the A.V. Roe Aircraft company of Canada. The Arrow was a plane of firsts : fly by wire, computer control, integral missile system and capable of MACH 2+. So naturally the idea was scrapped in 1959! All Arrows were destroyed.
Ground shot of Avro Arrow RL201

Avro Lancaster in French Naval Air arm colours. The a/c was one of 54 supplied to the French as general maritime reconnaissance aircraft. Image dated January 24th 1952

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