Friday, 14 July 2017

First solo flight videos - Jennifer Green and Solveig Eike. Well done !

".. fuel pump on, my mixture's rich, my flaps are down ...and you gotta keep right in the centre ....and now at 60 so up we go..a little right rudder as the propeller likes to torque you left ...."

Jennifer said.."I was about to have a heart attack. Solo day is frightening to say the least..."
 You did well Jen!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

RIAT 2017 Fairford Wednesday/Thursday arrivals days -U2, Greek F-4, Rafale, Flanker at Fairford

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ukranian Sukhoi Su 27 Flanker at Fairford RIAT 2017, F-16 Thunderbirds

Hawker Hunter FGA.9 aircraft of 20 Squadron RAF at RAF Tengah, Singapore

Ground crew work on a Hawker Hunter FGA.9 aircraft of 20 Squadron RAF at RAF Tengah, Singapore.

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE, 1950-1969© IWM (RAF-T 5176)

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE, 1950-1969© IWM (RAF-T 5177)

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Flying Legends - P 51 Horsemen "Berlin Express" -Miss Velma crash-landing Duxford Flying Legends 2017

" ..Some more Horsemen shots from Friday! Sadly Berlin Express lost her Canopy at Duxford on Saturday.."  via Neil Cotten photos

Below; via Thomas Schau Damm " ...When he landed I wondered: Hmmm....... landing with the canopy slid back - did not learn that at Stallion 51. Spitfires yes, but not P-51! Just happy that the damage was not bigger and Nick landed OK, but  port and starboard stabilizer plus fin need skin replacement - guess owners will not settle for ABDR (Aircraft Battle Damage Repair). The Malcolm Hood is not an "off the shelf-item" either..."

" TF-51D "Miss Velma" crashed this afternoon (Sunday 09/07). It's in a field just east of the runway on the other side of the M11. The pilot's ok. It sounds like an engine failure on approach to land. It was just after the Balbo as we were driving out. Emergency services were passing us on the A505..."

Credit: Paul Tolliday: Blue Sky Aerial Services

via Tink8597 on

" ...Witnessed a truly remarkable bit of airmanship at the Duxford Flying Legend display this afternoon,as the elements of the finale were landing,Miss Velma landing in the second element was heard to have a problem,on hearing this I tried to position to see what the problem was only to witness the events seen below,as seen in the photos the pilot made a landing in the field between the M.11 and the road leading to Duxford village.."

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Harrier GR 3, Red Arrows Hawk, RAF F-4 - stunning daily ebay photo finds #62

RAF-Phantom FGR-2s XV488 and XV435 of 92 Sqd

..Red Arrows Hawk T.1 XX 308 over RAF Scampton

RAF Harrier GR.3 XZ131/N 233 OCU

on offer here

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