Sunday, 18 February 2018

Atlantique en patrouille - 23 F de l' Aéronautique Navale

photo sortie by Ewan Lebourdais from the base aéronautique navale (BAN) de Lann-Bihoué, Lorient - shared with the photographer's permission.

 " Et voila quelques photos réalisées avec la 23 F de l' Aéronautique Navale - 100 000 vues pour la vidéo, merci à vous, c'est un bon début :-P Fier de cette mission de rayonnement par la photo artistique pour la Marine Nationale !! Partage autorisé - plus de renseignements sur"

More on the Atlantiques of Flotille 23 F here French text)

HMS Ark Royal Flight Deck 1955 - Skyraider AEW. 1 and AD-6. Ebay photo find #68

 An original 'The Aeroplane' photograph of the busy flight deck of HMS Ark Royal in 1955. Sea Hawk FGA.6 '7' is XE380 137/O, behind is XE375 131/O both of 898 NAS. In the background is Skyraider AEW.1 WT965 and a Gannet. Also note the David Brown tractor named 'Judy'! 'The Aeroplane' wet stamp to rear. No. 16842

An original HMS Ark Royal Photographic Officer photograph of Skyraider AD-6 135402 of VA-75 taking the wire on board HMS Ark Royal during cross decking operations between the Ark and the USS Saratoga in October 1957. The Skyraider was transferred to the South Vietnamese Air Force in 1964 later crashing during 1965.

HMS Ark Royal & MOD wet stamps to rear. No. G1549

Saturday, 17 February 2018

'Meet the Blenheim Day' at the Kent Battle of Britain museum Hawkinge - F/O Reg Peacock of 235 Sqd

 The second 'Meet the Bristol Blenheim Project Day' at the Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust at Hawkinge was held on Saturday 17th February 2018 between 10 am and 3 pm with all proceeds going to the museum 'Bristol Blenheim rebuild fund'.

The weather was crisp and clear and the Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV was laid out in the car park for visitors to see the progress being made on her rebuild to date and since the museum acquired the project in December 2017.

I took the opportunity to speak to some of the volunteers involved with her rebuild, took a few photographs of the progress and was able to get up close and personal with her.

Please note that the Museum does not re-open until Good Friday 30th March for the 2018 Season. It is hoped to rebuild the Blenheim over a five-year period with a cockpit arriving some time during 2018 from Canada.

 The restoration will be repainted in the colours of 1940 Blenheim 'ace' F/O Reg Peacock of 235 Sqd who shot down a Ju 88 over Thorney Island on 18 August 1940 at the height of the Battle of Britain in Blenheim IV L9446. 235 Sqd were based in Kent at RAF Manston.

Night Bombers - 1943 - amazing colour video of RAF No. 1 Group Lancaster raid on Berlin during early 1944

 from PJ Clarke's review;

 "..The documentary, 'Night Bombers,'is an absolute must for any person interested in RAF Bomber Command's activities in 1943-4. The documentary was made during the war, using colour film. It is believed to be the only colour film made during WW2 concerning the RAF. For that reason alone, it is worth it's weight in gold. It focuses on the preparation & planning behind a raid on Berlin, by Lancasters from No 1 Group. Seeing the RAF Lancasters, the ground crews & aircrew engaged in their respective daily activities is fascinating. The documentary brings home to the viewer the tremendous human effort that went into the bombing campaign. There is much to commend this film, from the scene of a Lancaster undergoing an engine change, to the work of the armourers as they bomb up Lancaster 'V'- Victor. From an historical point of view, this film is of major significance, being the sole documentary of it's type to have been made during the conflict. It includes the collation of weather reports and the briefing of aircrew prior to the raid. The scene of 'V' under full power of four growling Rolls Royce Merlins on take off, is sufficient to make the hairs stand up on the back of any aviation buff's neck. ..."

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fake colorised photos - HMS Eagle Flycatcher

'Fake news' and the role of social media in distorting 'news' and impacting on important events is very much a talking point in today's world. From 'fake' followers that are paid for so many favourable comments on youtube and twitter, to 'fake' stories on Facebook and google. They are all at it - making billions by posting ads alongside dubious content 'created' by trolls and other undesirable characters. In addition places like Facebook are awash with horrible fake colorised photos that are not real. Fake this 'incredible' image of a Flycatcher from HMS Eagle during the 1930s (?)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Victor K.1 tanker - Phantom F-4 M and Victor K.1 1967 -ebay photo find #65

An original MOD photograph of a Victor K.1 refuelling Lightning F.6 XR723 and Buccaneer S.2B XV155.

MOD wet stamp to rear. Neg. No. TN6361/6. On offer via seller 'speyphantom'. His sales- always worth looking at - are here

Phantom F-4M and Victor K.1 1967, original McDonnell Douglas photograph. A recent Ebay sale via 'speyphantom' - £35

An original McDonnell Douglas photograph of the Prototype Phantom F-4M XT852 and Victor K.1 XA930 during in flight refuelling trials in the USA circa July 1967.

McDonnell Douglas wet stamp to rear. Neg. No. D4C 52439

and a 55 Sqn machine landing in Malta circa 1972

on offer here

Thursday, 8 February 2018

flight deck of HMS Eagle in May 1955 - ebay photo find #67

HMS Eagle 1955 Original 'The Aeroplane' Photo

An original 'The Aeroplane' photograph of the flight deck of HMS Eagle in May 1955. In this great view, it looks like a mass launch is being prepared for no less than 6 Sea Hawks, 3 Skyraiders, 4 Wyverns and a single Gannet can be seen. Not to mention the fork lift truck named 'Garth'.

I know next to nothing about the Skyraider in RN service and the new Haynes manual on the type authored by Tony Hoskins features barely a page on its service on British carriers. Apparently around 50 examples were procured, designated AEW. 1 serving in four-plane detachments (see below) on Royal Navy carriers with 849 Naval Air  Squadron. While Skyraiders saw limited service prior to being retired by the Gannet AEW. 3 entering service from 1960, their APS-20 radar units were hung under AEW Shackleton remaining in service until the early 1990s...

'The Aeroplane' wet stamp to rear. No.16569

Also on this blog;

Sea Vixens on HMS Eagle

Monday, 5 February 2018

Javelin FAW.1 & Meteor NF.11's 87 Sqn Original 2nd TAF RAF 1957 - ebay photo find #64

 Javelin FAW.1 and Meteor NF.11's 87 Sqn, original 2nd TAF RAF 1957 photo.

An original Air Ministry 2nd Tactical Air Force photograph of Javelin FAW.1 XA628 'B' leading Meteor NF.11's WD795 'E' and WM168 'R' during 87 Squadron's transition to the Javelin in 1957.
Air Ministry HQ 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force wet stamp to rear. Neg. No. 0596/17


Royal Navy Jet Formation 1953 Original 'The Aeroplane' Photo

An original 'The Aeroplane' photograph of a interesting jet aircraft formation circa 1953 this is a close up view. Comprising of Meteor T.7 WS107 '405' and Attacker F.1 WA486 '105' both of 736 NAS Culdrose, Vampire F.20 VV136 '180' of 759 NAS Culdrose and Sea Hawk F.1 WF171 '168' of 806 NAS Ford.

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