Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Victor K.1 tanker - Phantom F-4 M and Victor K.1 1967 -ebay photo find #65

An original MOD photograph of a Victor K.1 refuelling Lightning F.6 XR723 and Buccaneer S.2B XV155.

MOD wet stamp to rear. Neg. No. TN6361/6. On offer via seller 'speyphantom'. His sales- always worth looking at - are here

Phantom F-4M and Victor K.1 1967, original McDonnell Douglas photograph. A recent Ebay sale via 'speyphantom' - £35

An original McDonnell Douglas photograph of the Prototype Phantom F-4M XT852 and Victor K.1 XA930 during in flight refuelling trials in the USA circa July 1967.

McDonnell Douglas wet stamp to rear. Neg. No. D4C 52439

and a 55 Sqn machine landing in Malta circa 1972

on offer here

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