Thursday, 8 February 2018

flight deck of HMS Eagle in May 1955 - ebay photo find #67

HMS Eagle 1955 Original 'The Aeroplane' Photo

An original 'The Aeroplane' photograph of the flight deck of HMS Eagle in May 1955. In this great view, it looks like a mass launch is being prepared for no less than 6 Sea Hawks, 3 Skyraiders, 4 Wyverns and a single Gannet can be seen. Not to mention the fork lift truck named 'Garth'.

I know next to nothing about the Skyraider in RN service and the new Haynes manual on the type authored by Tony Hoskins features barely a page on its service on British carriers. Apparently around 50 examples were procured, designated AEW. 1 serving in four-plane detachments (see below) on Royal Navy carriers with 849 Naval Air  Squadron. While Skyraiders saw limited service prior to being retired by the Gannet AEW. 3 entering service from 1960, their APS-20 radar units were hung under AEW Shackleton remaining in service until the early 1990s...

'The Aeroplane' wet stamp to rear. No.16569

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