Sunday, 18 February 2018

HMS Ark Royal Flight Deck 1955 - Skyraider AEW. 1 and AD-6. Ebay photo find #68

 An original 'The Aeroplane' photograph of the busy flight deck of HMS Ark Royal in 1955. Sea Hawk FGA.6 '7' is XE380 137/O, behind is XE375 131/O both of 898 NAS. In the background is Skyraider AEW.1 WT965 and a Gannet. Also note the David Brown tractor named 'Judy'! 'The Aeroplane' wet stamp to rear. No. 16842

An original HMS Ark Royal Photographic Officer photograph of Skyraider AD-6 135402 of VA-75 taking the wire on board HMS Ark Royal during cross decking operations between the Ark and the USS Saratoga in October 1957. The Skyraider was transferred to the South Vietnamese Air Force in 1964 later crashing during 1965.

HMS Ark Royal & MOD wet stamps to rear. No. G1549

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