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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bronco Demo Team crash - and some pics from last years shows


"We wanted to inform you that there was an incident on the 10th July 2012 at Kemble (Cotswold Airport, UK) concerning Tony (De Bruyn) and the Bronco. At approx. 15:00 in good flying conditions, Tony choose to take the opportunity to practise a standard display program. Unfortunately, shortly into the flight there was a problem and Tony and the Bronco had a crash landing from low altitude into the grass strip in front of the control tower.
The Bronco was destroyed on impact, but Tony managed to open the cockpit himself and was helped out by the fire crew. He was talking and moving all limbs and taken by helicopter to Franchay hospital in Bristol. He is presently in a stable condition with some burns and back injuries. Following on from his initial assessment he has subsequently had a successful operation on his back injury and is receiving treatment for his burns.
All the signs are for a positive full recovery; we will keep you updated.
Hereby we would like to thank the fire, rescue and hospital services for their professional assistance and care. Thank you to everyone for your help, support and kind wishes at this time.."
The Bronco Demo Team Released on 12th July 2012"

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Best shots Fairford 2012 !

 ..Fairford 2012 was back to its best - but the weather was appalling, it rained continuously all day on the Friday and Saturday was very cloudy. Here's a selection of the best shots from the show courtesy airshow photographer 'extraordinaire' Nico Charpentier including a look at the immaculate South Korean 'Black Eagles'. Click on the pic to see the full image..