Thursday, 18 December 2014

Crashed Spitfire 64 Squadron ? - ebay photo find

A rather macabre series of pictures taken of the crash site of Spitfire coded SH-L. The dead pilot lies alongside the wreckage seen here being inspected by a high-ranking German ace. The entire series of pics is currently offered on Ebay (link below)

I'm surprised Ebay still has these photos on display. I am probably not the only one to find them slightly disturbing; German personnel having a nice chat within a few steps of a dead pilot, with no thought of either covering him up, or removing him for burial. My intention in posting them here is that they could provide an answer to a long-forgotten MIA perhaps.. Sad to think that somewhere out there may be a distant relative still wondering what happened to the pilot. Of course it is entirely possible that having checked out the aircraft the Luftwaffe would have notified the Red Cross and the family would have eventually been informed of their loss... RIP

(edit- see link posted below for more info on the loss of this 64 Sqd pilot, P/O John Rowden
- note the Luftwaffe personnel are from JG 51 and the Spitfire came down on their own airfield, Mardyck near Dunkirk. In the pictures can be seen Hauptmann Josef Fözö, who may have shot the Spitfire down. John Rowden is buried in Dunkirk Town Cemetery, France.)


  1. Thank you for the link - fascinating ..and sad

  2. Yes, he was killed by Hptm. Josef Fözö (15.) from Stab II./JG 51, Spitfire 3 km N. Mardyck at 300 m (OKL+JFV d.Dt.Lw. 4/II-160B).