Friday, 10 October 2014

Operation Pedestal, August 1942

HMS Indomitable and HMS Eagle sailing behind HMS Victorious, 3-10 Aug 1942; note Hurricane and Albacore aircraft on Victorious' flight deck. Imperial War Museum photo

Operation Pedestal, August 1942. 14 merchant ships and the most powerful escort to ever sail into the Med steaming towards the besieged island of Malta. Eagle was sunk by a German U Boat during an air attack on the convoy, the Indomitable was seriously damaged and had to limp out back to Gibraltar for repairs. The escort consisted of the two battleships Nelson and Rodney, four carriers, Eagle, Furious, Victorious and Indomitable, 16 cruisers, 40 destroyers and the smaller ships. A little-known but vital episode in the Med - the island of Malta was the linchpin of the victory in North Africa and the eventual invasion of Sicily...

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