Aircraft of the Syrian conflict, September 2014 - MiGs and Sukhois over Syria, Su 24 MF cruises over Idlib

September 2014 witnessed the appearance of non-Syrian aircraft conducting air raids over Syria and specifically units of the U.S -led coalition fighting ISIS, such as the B-1 bomber and the F-16 in addition to the UCAV Predator which was first seen over Al-Raqqa then over Aleppo and recently over Idleb. Here I've posted some screen captures from some of the 'Free Syria' videos posted on youtube depicting coalition and Syrian aircraft over that country during September 2014.

Below; US B-1 bomber at altitude on 26 September

B-1 over the Kurdish border town of Kobani on 7 October

UAV, Raqqa, 29 September

Above and below;  Su 24 MF cruises over Idlib on 30 September. The Syrian Arab Air Force was believed to have around twenty Su-24 Fencer aircraft at the beginning of the uprising. The aircraft, based at Tiyas, have only occasionally been filmed or photographed, even though they have been involved in several air strikes and operations.

MiG 23 MF

On 18th August 2014 a Syrian MiG-23 crashed (according to regime reports) or was shot down (as per reports of rebels). The aircraft which was code-numbered 617 and based in Hama AFB, was actually an MF variant and piloted by Major Aref Amin Bsesini who was KIA due to a failure in ejection. The MiG-23MF crashed as reported not far at the north of Hama airbase.

MiG 21 over Damascus

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