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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

91 Squadron Spitfire XIV

Image and 'embed code' via 'blueyonder' photostream on flickr. Click on the image to see the rest of 'blueyonder's' photo collection !

Spitfire XIV RAF
Google search of this Spitfire led me to the following from a book titled 'Griffon Spitfire Aces' by Andrew Thomas, which gives the following history of Spitfire DL-K Mk XIV RB188. This was the airplane flown by Flt. Lt. H.D. Johnson of 91 squadron, West Malling, July 1944. “One of the most successful Spitfire pilots during the V1 campaign with 13.5 destroyed was Flt. Lt. “Johnny” Johnson, who had been flying with 91 squadron since 1942. His first victory was in this aircraft on 23 June when he shared a V1 near Uckfield, and he brought down another near Hawkhurst the next day, again in RB188. A little over a week later Johnson destroyed three more in this aircraft, which carried the stunning nose-art of a naked red-head (named Brumhilde) riding a V1. RB188 was used to bring down three more “buzz bombs.” …This aircraft later served on the Continent with Nos. 130 and 350 squadrons and was eventually transferred to Thailand post-war.