Saturday, 11 June 2011

The best of youtube's ...LOW PASSES !!

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The " low pass" as it is known couples two kinds of terror rather neatly: your rather understandable fear of flying and the rather less likely fear of being hit by a low flying aircraft. Even as an 'enthusiast' - and ex-AF dispatcher - aircraft are scary at the best of times. Multi-tonne tubes of metal and highly flammable petrol that just hang in sky  - and just as easily fall out of it ! Most flight is so effortless planes barely look believable when you see one right up there in the blue sky, but when you see an aircraft near the ground at high speed there's something uncanny and fascinating about it. Aircraft are most usually near to the ground having just taken off or coming in to land - not always so exciting. But the the low pass is. Here's some of the best/ most terrifying low passes I could find on youtube. You'll duck..guaranteed!

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