Koksijde 65th International Airshow 6-7 July 2011

I was in Koksijde, Belgium, yesterday for the Koksijde 65th International Airshow. Been a while since I attended a 'proper' airshow, but I guess with everything happening worldwide 2011 will not be a good year for airshows. A few aircraft would help though. Koksijde especially is a 'difficult' venue at the best of times..crowd line 300 yards from the runway and intermittent sun/strong blustery wind/squally rain in my face all day long. I have never been to a show with so many enthusiasts outside of the airfield either but the best views for photography are along the canal that leads into the town of Veurne as the aircraft come into land. Like an idiot I paid my 40 euros (car and occupants) and went onto the airfield. Highlights were few and far between with upwards of 30 minutes between aircraft in the sky - interesting passes were flown by Belgian AF F-16s and an Airbus A330 (?) and a DC-3, C-130 combo. The rest ranged from good to average to eminently forgettable, aside from the usual Patrouille de France and the Red Arrows especially, who were magnificent, drawing applause all through their display, even if their commentator did refer to the Belgian flag colours as being red/white/blue ...(!!!) ....the USAAF Tbirds were rather tame by comparison and not worth the long wait - they didn't fly until 20h15 (sorry guys!) . Guess it didn't help that I was cold/tired/wet/sunburnt by that time... as usual click on the images for a closer view. More pics to follow some time soon and a photo feature on the Cambrai Tiger meet to come..

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