Mirage F1 photo reference - Reims air base closure

On Wednesday 20 July 2011 the last Mirage F1 CR n°620 stationed at Reims, north of Paris in the Champagne region of France (base 112), took off from runway 25 for the final time and thus became the last military aircraft to leave Reims prior to the closure of the base as the escadron de reconnaissance 2/33 'Savoie' completed its move from Reims to Mont-de-Marsan. The aircraft was flown by capitaine Laurent Malineau, the eldest pilot in 2/33 'Savoie' making his final flight in the Mirage F1. Reims was the first French base to host the Mirage F1 in 1973 on the type's entry into service. Reims opened its gates to its first military aircraft, the Breguet 19, on 1 October 1928. The closing ceremony for Reims as an Armée de l'Air base was held on 30 June 2011 in the presence of the chef d’état-major de l’armée de l’air, général Jean-Paul Paloméros as reported on the Armée de l'Air site here


Herewith some views of  a day's spotting at Reims earlier this year courtesy of photographer Nico Charpentier. Please click on the photos to open a full screen quick-loading image...

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