A day at Kubinka - superb Flanker and Fulcrum selection

Kubinka is the largest Russian air force base in the Moscow region and is known as the primary school of aerobatics in Russia. The town of Kubinka itself is situated 50-75 km south-west of Moscow. Kubinka is the location of the Russians' famous display teams, the Strizhy, the Russian Knights and the Flying Hussars. Shortly after foundation, the Strizhy were followed by another display team flying the Sukhoi Su-27, which was founded at Kubinka air base on 5 April 1991. Contrary to the Strizhy's MiGs, the Knights' Su-27s are painted up in the Russian national tricolour. The third display team at Kubinka air base, equipped with the Su-25 attack aircraft, the Sky Hussars is the only group in the world to show aerobatics on attack aircraft.

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