Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Patriotic Hawk - flying the flag! Hawk T1 in Jubilee scheme

Difficult to not notice the nice front cover image on the latest issue of Jets magazine - a stunning shot of Hawk T1. XX278 wearing a Union Jack in its entirety. Now I always usually browse 'Jets' on the news stands and put it back, but this month was the first that I've purchased the mag. Inside there are features on the Gnat and the Hawk and an interview with Ft. Lt. Phil Bird on flying the RAF's 2012 display ship in its striking 'flag' scheme. Covered entirely  with a huge union flag and carrying the RAF Benevolent Fund heart on its belly, XX 278 is from 208(R) Squadron at RAF Valley. Herewith a selection of images taken for this blog by Nico Charpentier at RIAT 2012..if anything they are even better than the pics published in Jets magazine this month. Click on the image to see the full view..

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