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French types captured during the Westfeldzug (campaign in the West) at Rochefort - Luftwaffe Hs 126 pilot's album - Daily Ebay photo find # 13

great photo album from a Luftwaffe Hs 126 pilot here covering the campaigns in Poland and the West including France. The album sold for 2,770 Euros (55 bids). 

Top Foto Album Flieger 2.WK Polen, Belgien, Russland usw. viele Flugzeuge !! | eBay

If you missed it or if the pictures are no longer available to view , here is a small selection of the French types that appear in the album, photos taken in Rochefort on the French Atlantic coast (south of Nantes), currently home to the French Naval Aviation Museum. Some of them I've had problems identifying - SNCASE Romano 82 anyone?  - and had to enlist some help over at the forum..

The SNCASE Romano 82 (below) was a twin-seat pre-war biplane trainer, privately designed and developed before the French aviation industry was nationalised in 1936. Some 150 examples were delivered to the French Air Force and Navy.
Second picture down may well be a Schreck F.B.A. ( Franco-British-Aviation) Type 293 seaplane according to at least one French correspondent , while the third image shows a Levasseur PL. 10

Currently on special offer (-45%) at the Avions website; " La Débacle - May-June 1940". A 96-page A-4 softback devoted to wrecks and relics of the French campaign by Denes Bernad, comprising some 150 original photos taken by German soldiers during the Westfeldzug - the campaign in France during May and June 1940, including many previously unpublished. Includes detailed English-language captions by this blog author.

..another view of the Schreck FBA Type 293

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