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abgeschossener Engländer! Spitfire IIa 'YQ-D' P8500 of 616 Sqn - Missing 6.7.41. Sgt James McCairns Sq/Ldr. Geoff Stephenson N0. 19 Squadron Spitfire Mk 1a, Kurt Tank's Pulqui II Ebay photo finds #22

abgeschossener Engländer!  Another selection of ebay finds. Spitfire 'YQ-D' from 616 Squadron, Manston, probably along the Channel coast during the early summer of 1941, a Caproni Ca 133, a Bloch 155 and a couple of rare views of Kurt Tank and his Pulqui (a development of the Ta 183) in Argentine roundels..

Spitfire IIa 'YQ-D' P8500 - Missing 6.7.41. Sgt Jim McCairns crash landed his aircraft in a field at Gravelines near Dunkirk on 6.7.41. He was injured and became a POW. He escaped fron Stalag IXC and returned to England via Spain.  Below; 6 July 1941 P8500 YQ-D of 616 Sqn, Sgt James McCairns POW..

26 May 1940- a No.19 Squadron Spitfire I N3200 flown by Sq/Ldr. Geoff Stephenson shot down on the beach at Dunkirk. Stephenson was taken prisoner. The aircraft coded 'QV-' was shot down in combat and forced landed on the beach at Dunkirk. Pre-war Stephenson was a member of the R.A.F. aerobatic team, Squadron Leader of 19 Squadron, (Duxford) and was shot down over Dunkirk covering the evacuation. He spent the war in a number of German prison camps, making many escape attempts, and eventually was sent to Colditz Castle in Poland, the ultimate high security German prisoner of war camp. He was part of the team that built the famous Colditz glider. (In the 1930's, Stephenson was the first person to fly a glider across the English Channel.) He was also personal pilot to King George VI. He was killed on the 8th November 1954 whilst test flying a F-100A-10-NA Super Sabre of the U.S.A.F. at Eglin Air Force Base.  The aircraft went out of control and crashed before he could eject.

Below;  Caproni Ca 133

Below;  Bloch 155

Kurt Tank (on the boarding ladder by the cockpit) and his Pulqui (a development of the Ta 183) in Argentine roundels..

any similarity to the MiG 15/17 series is purely coincidental

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