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Spike in Russian air Force activity around Europe - Tu 95 'Bear H' intercepted by Lossiemouth Typhoons

RAF 56 Sqn F-4 scramble

Upper Heyford Sparkvark Ravens 1990

Hawker Typhoon IB, 56 Squadron April 1943

Life in the RAF during the 1960s - 111 Sqd Lightnings, Javelins, Canberras

" Beyond the Horizon" - The history of Airborne Early Warning AEW aircraft - Ian Shaw, Harpia Publishing

Aircraft of the Syrian conflict, September 2014 - MiGs and Sukhois over Syria, Su 24 MF cruises over Idlib

Gotha Flugzeug - Ebay photo find #29

Operation Pedestal, August 1942

Polish Bristol F2B fighter

Shuttleworth DH 88 Comet, last show of the season, 5 October 2014

USAAF 8th & 9th Air Forces - the Roger Freeman collection, Elwyn Guido "Eager El" RIGHETTI, 55th Fighter Group