Monday, 21 December 2015

Captured Loire 130 seaplanes

The Loire 130 seaplane was constructed in Saint-Nazaire at the SNCAO plant. During late June 1940 the plant was occupied by German troops. At that time, some twenty examples of the type were in various phases of assembly. In 1941, the German authorities gave their approval to resume work on the assembly line in order to finish 20 machines for the French Navy. Upon their reception flights the a/c were air ferried from Saint-Nazaire to Mâcon on the river Saône, north of Lyon. Although flown by French pilots, as part of the ferry flights were over German occupied part of France, the Loire were obliged to wear German markings. Those temporary markings were painted with washable paint over ordinary French markings and were washed out in Mâcon before the last part of the ferry flight to Berre, next to Marseille, where the Loire were put under storage. Thus, those 20 aircraft (n° 75 and 81 to 99) wore Luftwaffe markings for ferrying purposes only.

 Below;  Loire 130  wearing Kennung "BI+XA" in Brest-Poulmic seen shortly prior to a transfer flight to the E-Stelle at Travemünde in early 1941. The crew comprised pilot Lt. Paul Metges, Uffz. Steckel and Fw Just. Note the modified engine cowl.

Loire 130 n° 75 sporting the code DI+XA following a ferry flight from Brest-Poulmic to Travemunde. A single example of the type was transferred to Germany (during early 1941?)  following the fall of France

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