Friday, 29 January 2016

XR 770 Lightning F6 5 Squadron, RAF Binbrook, Waddington, Manston

Lightning F.6 XR770 arrived last year at my local aviation history museum located on the former RAF Manston airfield and must surely be one of the more famous Lightnings if only because of that paint scheme. First flown in 1966, she appeared at that year's Farnborough SBAC display in Saudi markings with a wide array of weaponry prior to entering service with 74 Squadron in September 1966 and finishing her career with 5 Squadron at RAF Binbrook. Lee Scargill photo

 In March 2015 XR 770 moved from her then location at Waddington to the Manston History Museum outside Ramsgate in East Kent and by July they had completed her re-assembly. At least she is now available for public viewing - something that would no longer have been possible at Waddington with the ceasing of the annual airshow.

 See more at Damien Burke's 'Thunder and Lightnings' site here

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