Saturday, 16 April 2016

F-22A 95th Fighter Squadron Tyndall AFB at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK 14 April 2016

F-22 Raptors arriving at RAF Lakenheath yesterday in some great light against stormy clouds - Chris France photo. Chris' FB page is here

below; Mark Rourke photo

F-22A Raptor 05-4086 TY - 95th Fighter Squadron Tyndall AFB on final approach to runway 24 at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk UK

Stu Norris photo. Stu's Flickr pages are here

..and two from Neil Cotten on FB here

Raptors at Lakenheath in 2010 on this blog here

Raptors at RIAT 2010 on this blog here

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