Thursday, 5 January 2017

Magnum! - books on the Wild Weasels

via Joe Copalman on the 'Aviation Enthusiast book club ' FB page

 " When I attended the 'Phantom Phinale' at Holloman last month (article on the event in the February issue of AFM out soon), one of the civilian contract pilots still flying QF-4s with Det 1 was Jim 'Boomer' Schreiner. I'd heard or read his name before, but couldn't place where. During the Q & A session, he spoke about being the only QF-4 pilot left who had flown the F-4 operationally and in combat. Still no bells went off. I even interviewed him one on one afterward and talked about his combat tour flying F-4Gs in Desert Storm. The guy's book has been on my Amazon wish list for eight years, and he was standing right in front of me giving me all the data I needed to make the connection, and it all just blew right past me. When I got back from Holloman, I was on a bit of an F-4 high, so I looked up 'Magnum' on Amazon and realized what a huge dummy I was. Not only had I had one of the authors right in front of me, but in the time that passed since it was first published, the book had gone out of print and the cheapest copy I could find in good condition was nearly double the price it had been new. This year, I put that $25 gift card to good use, while putting a minor dent in my Amazon card to cover the balance..."

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