different footage/stills of the Spitfire PR XIX PS 890 crash/accident aerodrome de Villette-Longuyon, France 11/06/17

Spitfire XIX PS 890 capote au décollage - flipped over onto its back on takeoff. The condition of the 44-year old pilot Cédric Rouet (6,000 hrs, Rafale pilot based at Saint Dizier) is unknown but the accident looks relatively survivable and we wish him well.

"..Surprised they are operating a 19 off grass, I know its been done but I seem to remember it's not recommended, having seen one levelled the prop tip clearance is about 2 inches, which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for manoeuvre when operating off undulating damp grass. So glad the pilot is okay and it is a classic example how something can seriously get away from you very very quickly..."..Tony T

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