Friday, 27 October 2017

F-4 Phantom XV 582 'Black Mike' - " a special aircraft in the history of the RAF "

Phantom XV 582 was the first British F-4 to exceed 5,000 flying hours - and the last of its type to leave RAF Leuchars - this very week. Famed for perhaps the most dramatic special scheme ever worn by a British F-4, 'Black Mike' is a rare survivor. Now at RAF Cosford its 'future' is assured.

The airframe has been brought to Cosford primarily to be one of the 'static' stars of the 2018 RAF Cosford airshow with 2018 marking the Centenary of the RAF. According to airshow director Peter Reoch the static line for the 2018 Cosford show will comprise 100 aircraft displayed in chronological order. More on the ITV news video below.

Much more on British Phantoms at the links below;

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