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Sled Driver by Brian Shul - Recommended aviation books

No. 44 in the on-going 'Recommended aviation books' series

First published in 1991 " Sled Driver - Flying the World's Fastest Jet " is a 151-page hardcover tome written by former SR-71 pilot Brian Shul. Constantly sought after, only available at very high cost online and especially difficult to find outside the US, often selling for hundreds of £££/$$ on certain auction sites as here....

"..This is a pilots personal account of training for, flying and experiencing the astonishing SR-71 Blackbird, probably the most amazing aircraft in history. The author took all of the photographs himself and all are truly beautiful, whether in flight or on the ground the photographs are absolutely stunning and truly put across the savage and eerie image that is the Sled. The author describes the training process, then details a full mission in almost poetic style, what its like to fly at 20 miles altitude over enemy territory at 2000 mph+. This is the only work I have read which brings home just what an amazing aircraft this is by reading the words straight from an experienced pilot. A work of art. If you have never been lucky enough to see a Blackbird up close read this book..."

 According to Chandos Pubs, " this is the definitive and ultimate book on what it was actually like to fly this technological marvel. Added to that are numerous beautiful photos, taken by the author. You'll never find a better book on flying the Blackbird. From a model makers viewpoint, this is not the ultimate 'Walk Around' photo album for that, look elsewhere. nevertheless, if you have any interest in X-Planes and the SR-71 in particular, you'd be crazy to miss this book...."

 This is the first printing (1991) of the third edition. A limited edition presentation version was released around 2003, and this is also now very hard to find, or only available at very high cost.

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