Sunday 13 November 2022

Deadly mid-air collision at the Wings over Dallas airshow - B-17 "Texas Raider" lost


Screen shots of the mid-air at the Wings over Dallas airshow involving the B-17 "Texas Raider" (44-83872) and P-63 "TEST" (42-68941), both of the Commemorative Air Force. Unfortunately the B17 was in the Kingcobra's blind spot under its nose and appears to hit the B17 around the waist gunner's position severing the tail off. 

" ..Just got back home from Dallas and the Wings Over Dallas put on by the CAF. It is their largest show. It was shut down due to one of their B-17s colliding with a P-63 King Cobra at the south end of the airport just before the runway area. The information as to how many people on board the B-17 has not been released nor has their status. The crash occurred during their flying routine with several B-17s, some B-25s, some P-51s, a B-24 and a P-63. At first, it was thought to be some pyro technics going off at the wrong time, but when the fire went out of control for the two airport firetrucks to contain, most people realized it was something else. The airshow was shut down and all spectators were ordered to leave the airport. When I left there were about 40 different first responder vehicles at the scene, along with a Med-Vac helicopter and a few news helicopters. The explanation as to what happened has not been released, but the bombers were lining up to portray a bomber sweep with fighter aircraft flying cover that would pass at a low level parallel to one of the runways running north and south where the air show crowd was gathered. It happened as the group was turning to approach the runway from the south..." georgeusa on BM

"... the P-63 banked pointing his belly at the B-17 ..[and].. he completely lost situational awareness doing this. He could no longer see the B-17. The P-63 already has terrible blind spots. An aircraft overtaking a slower aircraft is responsible to keep view of that aircraft. This was totally preventable, from the planning, controlling, and the flying. And yes, I trained and I am qualified in Human Factors facilitation in military aviation. There are far too many warbird owners who should not be in the cockpit. The aviation safety net is supposed to prevent these types of accidents..." scooby on BM