Aviation magazines - latest issue of 'Avions' magazine no. 180 (Marcel Albert, Macchi M.5)

I really enjoy reading and collecting 'foreign' aviation magazines. There are some excellent ones out there; 'Aero' from Poland, the famous 'Revi' from Czechoslovakia, 'Jet & Prop' and 'Flugzeug Classic' from Germany, not forgetting the French 'Aérojournal' and 'Le Fana de l'Aviation' or even the American ' Flight Journal'. One of my favourites though is the bi-monthly 'Avions' (Aeroplanes) from France, which was originally published in Boulogne sur Mer but has now moved to south to Le Vigen. I know the editor Michel Ledet and his partner quite well and have worked on a number of their book titles, translating captions and so on. Issue No. 180 of 'Avions' has just been published;

Macchi M.5, the best fighter seaplane 14-18. Cover composition depicts the Macchi M.5 of sottotenente di Vascello Arcidiacono, commander of the 261 Squadriglia, in combat with an Austrian Brandenburg W 18 seaplane during September 1918.

- Macchi M.5, the seaplane fighter aircraft of the Italian Navy during World War I (final part). by Paolo Varriale  (excellent reference for the Fly models kit, if you don't have the Windsock publication)

- A great historian of French aviation: Bill Bailey. by Christophe Cony.

- The French Ace of 39-45 : Marcel Albert, "un chic type - a cool guy" (2). by Many Souffan.
Continuing the story of the celebrated ace of the 'Normandie-Niemen' GC3 who passed away in August 2010, this part covers the ace's departure for Russia, training on the Yak and first combat sorties and victories on the Eastern Front. Artwork by Thierry Dekker

- Dewoitine D.342, Air France's rare bird (end). by Philippe Ricco.

- November 1939 - July 1940: Morane-Saulnier 406 in North Africa (1) by Alain Coste & Bertrand Hugot.

- Caproni Ca.111: the "Winged Elephants" of the Cuerpo Aeronautico Peruano (1). By Tincopa Amaru.

- From the countryside of France to the war in Algeria, the career of an Armée de l'Air mechanic Robert Rohr. ( ace le Gloan's mécano)  By Christophe Cony.

- Info-scale models and books. By Michel Ledet, with the participation of Christophe Cony and Many Souffan.


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