BAC Lightning Ian Black 'Last of the Lightnings'

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11Sqn Lightnings F.6 XR727 'BH' & XR754 'BC' air-to-air photo by Ian Black

LTF Lightning T.5 XV328 'DU' air-to-air above clouds

EE Lightning F.6 XR728 above clouds (below). RAF Binbrook Station Commander Gp Capt John Spencer's personal 'Binbrook Flagship', taken by FlyPast magazine photographer Duncan Cubitt prior to the closure of Binbrook in 1988. XR728 is now owned by the Lightning Preservation Group at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leics. It is housed in the former RAF Wattisham QRA Hangar along with sister-ship XS904.

Lightning F.6 XR754 'BC' air-to-air photo by Ian Black. Although the serial no. is not visible on the photo--identity of the aircraft was obtained by inspection of another photo taken on the same sortie. The nose section of XR754 is currently preserved at Aeroventure, Doncaster.

Lightning T.5s XV328 'BZ' & XS458 'DY' air-to-refuelling from VC.10 tanker ZA147 'F'. XS458 is currently preserved in fast-taxiing condition at Cranfield Aerodrome, Beds., whilst the nose section of XV328 is preserved by Phoenix Aviation at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, Leics.

16 x EE BAC Lightnings, 226 OCU, RAF Coltishall

Lightning getting airborne from Binbrook above, and below, EE Lightning F.6 XR728 airborne with a C-130 Hercules. Grimsby Evening Telegraph photo, taken on one of the final photocalls before the closure of RAF Binbrook in 1988.

RAF Binbrook Lightnings XR770, XS897 and bottom, XR 771

BAC Lightning XP693 at 11 Sqn disbandment April 29, 1988. BAe test pilot Keith Hartley taxies in at Binbrook after giving a display during which the arrester hook came down. The hook can be seen tied up under the rear fuselage. Until recently, XP693 was flying with Thunder City at Cape Town and is now up for sale.

BAC Lightnings on final photo-sortie over the North Sea in 1988. XR728 'JS', XS452 'BT' and XS923 'BE'. Grimsby Evening Telegraph photograph. XR728 is now preserved in fast-taxiing condition at Bruntingthorpe, XS452 was flying with Thunder City at Cape Town until recently (in all-black scheme), the nose section of XS923 survives near Welshpool.

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