Sunday, 4 December 2011

Boelcke funeral ceremony Cambrai 31 October 1916

Still photos taken at the funeral ceremony held in Cambrai, northern France (Pas de Calais) for Oswald Boelcke (where Manfred Richthofen carried Boelcke's Ordenskissen) currently available on

A funeral service was held for Hptm. Boelcke in Cambrai Cathedral on 31 October 1916. This was the first time that a German hero had been honoured at one of the venerable cathedrals of Northern France and was conducted on a massive scale. Manfred von Richthofen wrote that "it was like that of a reigning prince", and it was his honour to carry Boelcke's medals on his Ordenkissen (a black velvet pillow). Following the funeral of his friend and mentor, von Richthofen was given command of Jasta 2, renamed Jasta Boelke.

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