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Thursday, 8 December 2011

On board a Syrian AAF Sukhoi Su-24 M2 - latest edit January 2017

According to the "Middle East Air Forces news" blog this is a rare look at a training sortie over Syria flown by three of Assad's Su 24s as posted on youtube. I have grabbed some stills in case the video disappears quickly although from the commentary the uploader appears to be very much a regime supporter..

" The Su-24 MK tactical bombers are the main striking power of the Syrian Air Force. In summer 2016, it became known that in addition to the ‘winged trucks with bombs’ from Russia, the upgraded Su-24M2s have also started to enter in service of the Syrian Armed Forces. The Su-24 M2 has improved avionics which has significantly improved accuracy of usage of regular ballistic bombs. The range of precision-guided weapons deployed  has also been expanded. According to some reports, the electronic warfare systems that make the process of using of air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles against these aircraft more difficult have also been improved. The fact that the Syrian Air Force has received these enough modern aircraft caused concern of the US. For this reason, it was not surprising that the F-22 Raptor fifth-generation fighter jets have been sent to intercept these Syrian bombers that can threaten the US Special Forces, operating on the Syrian territory. The increasing effectiveness of the Syrian Air Force has led to the fact that Americans do everything in order to limit activity of the Assad’s air power, including the Su-24 M2s, using any diplomatic means. Despite this fact, according to military experts, supplies of the Su-24 M2s bombers to Syria will be continued.."

in southernfront.org

and via Tom Cooper on the acig.com/forum " Russians can't just hand over their Su-24M2s or Su-24M-SVP-24s to Syrians like that. These are nuclear-capable, and thus 'A-wired'. Even Keystone Cops are not as crazy as to give such aircraft to a party that's de-facto under Iranian control..."