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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Folkestone airshow weekend 7/8 June 2014 - XH 134 Canberra PR 9 - Midair Squadron

...spent much of the weekend on the beach at Folkestone (Kent, England) enjoying the town's free air show. Of course I bought a programme and thus donated to the RAF's Benovelent Fund. Needless to say the Red Arrows were impeccable - here overflying the Battle of Britian memorial at Capel-le-Ferne on their way home after a brilliant display in a virtually cloudless sky.

also displaying were the Tucano in its 'Lest we forget' and 'flying through a cloud of poppys' scheme and the Strikemaster's display was pretty cool too .......

but for me 'Star of the show' was Midair Squadron's 'XH 134' Canberra  PR 9 and their Hunter T 7..

"....Midair Squadron is the brainchild of Canberra XH134's owner Mike Davis and was launched in 2013. He sees the opportunity to use the Canberra and two Hunter T7's as a unique PR and marketing tool, by having the ability to fly across the world displaying their aviation prowess to a global audience of aviation aficionado, celebrities and royalty. Based at the Cotswold airport and under the expert care of C2 Aviation, the Midair stable consists of ex-Royal Air Force 39 (1 PRU) Squadron Canberra PR9 XH134, now registered as G-OMHD, Hawker Hunter T7 XL577 (civil register G-XMHD) and Hawker Hunter T7 XL600 (civil register G-RAXA). When the Canberra was first brought into RAF service it was in a striking all over silver paint scheme and it is this scheme that Midair have adopted for XH134. The scheme is simple yet affective and the aircraft is finished with four foot high black 'XH134' lettering under each wing.." 


.. and a short clip of the duo at Cosford the next day - click once to view here courtesy of Planes TV and youtube's embed code

..and on the front cover of this month's 'Aviation News'