Call sign 'Death', B 2 Spirit bomber arrival at RAF Fairford, 08 June for Exercise Sabre Strike

Large numbers of spotters and enthusiasts turned out yesterday, Sunday 08 June, to watch the B-2 Spirit bombers (call-signs "Death 11" and "Death 12") arrive into RAF Fairford where they will be spending most of this week on exercise "Sabre Strike". Given that B-2s operate strategic intercontinental strike missions this is a rare European deployment for these bombers from the 509th BW at Whiteman AF base, Missouri. Of the many shots gathered and posted on the various forums the picture above seemed to me to best capture the 'beast' and that air of 'menace' that it exudes - the lack of detail on the shot cloaks the lower surfaces in blackness. This particular snap was "the best of many" captured by Max aka 'skywatcher' on his iPad and is reproduced here with his permission!

Below;  a few 'screen captures' from a cool video of the arrivals by Ben Ramsey and embedded here using the standard youtube embed code. Ben writes , " the first aircraft 'Spirit Of Indiana' DEATH 11 performed two low approaches before landing on runway 27. 'Spirit of Louisiana', DEATH 12 was straight into land..."

A selection of hi-res images available on the AF Global Strike Command website

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