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Sunday, 6 July 2014

RAF Waddington airshow Weekend 5/6 July 2014 - streamed live on PlanesTV.com

Broadcast Live on planesTV.com live stream - excellent! A brief compilation of streaming stills, tweets (Jonathan Wintle, Andrew Hawkes, Waddington Air Show Info) youtube embedded videos and enthusiast pics (RC 135 Joint Rivet via Bri48 on britmodeller.com) from RAF Waddington 2014. No air-show in 2015, 2016 in doubt. Will be updating this through the day. Thanks to the Spitfire and Hurricane for coming to see us at Capel-Le-Ferne this afternoon!

Turkish F-16 came in a little low on the Saturday

As reported by the Lincolnshire Echo;

    " Crowds of people watching the Waddington Airshow had to duck out of the path of an oncoming Turkish F-16 Jet. The video below shows the aircraft coming into land and members of the audience appearing to jump out of its way to avoid being hit.."

On board with the Patrulla Aspra

The Blades in their Extra 300's performing their 'Spitfire Roll' via Jonathan Wintle's Twitter feed


Apache role demo

Gnat Display Team based at North Weald - new for 2014, three ship formation

RAF Red Arrows at Waddington 5/6 July 2014 "Red 6" bird strike on the Saturday

The F-16 solo Turk - what was their commentator on!

The Swiss have 32 Hornets flying in three squadrons, including GeStaffel 11. Flown by part-time 'Militia' pilots they carry out what the Swiss call 'air-policing' ....Captain 'Teddy' Meister is the Swiss Hornet demo pilot..

£20 million spent so far on returning XH 558 to the air and keeping her there. Wing mods required over the winter and the future beyond 2015 still in doubt..£2million/year to run the operation. The Vulcan to the sky club has 8,000 members who can access the Vulcan's hangar at Doncaster.

here is XH 558 getting airborne on the Saturday morning - 'now that's what I call a Vulcan take-off....fantastic!

..and a neat vid from Johnny B of the entire display

A very nice and shiny Vulcan B2, XH555 flown in from Finningley to the Gutersloh airshow on 27/3/1967

Mike Davis' Midair Squadron displaying the world's only flying PR.9 Canberra, one of 23 built by Shorts of Belfast. Given its high-flying capabilities, reconnaissance was always one of the Canberra's principal roles. The extraordinary chord of its wings makes it look so much more cumbersome than its actual agility. 'Alone, unarmed and unafraid' - the RADIOS sensor was used in the later versions of the U-2. PR.9s were retired in 2006, the week prior they had been operating in Afghanistan.. declassified images show that the Canberra PR.9's sensors could read the time on Big Ben ..from over the Isle of Wight !