Sunday, 18 March 2018

Royal Navy Seafires, 806 Sqdn, HMS Glory, Sea Fury HMS Indomitable -daily ebay photo find #75

Griffon-engined Royal Navy Seafire XVs, 11-3 'Y'., 11-8 'Y'. from 806 Sqdn, HMS Glory seen over Hong Kong during October 1946

Seafire SR 638 158-M of 767 Sqdn. Milltown, c1949

Seafire SX 336 (?), 105-VL, 1949

Royal Navy aircraft on board Australian carrier HMAS Sydney, c1949

Below, Royal Navy Sea Fury, VW 238, 107-Q after collision with Sea Fury TF 965, Yeovilton, 5 September 1949

Royal Navy Sea Fury, WE 736 161-A of 801 Sqdn on board HMS Indomitable, January 1952

Royal Navy Sea Fury FB11, VX 651, 132-CW of 738 Sqdn crashed onboard HMS Illustrious either 7 March or 12 July 1950

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