Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Vickers Wellington T.Mk.XVII - Airborne Interception Radar, Army Cooperation Lysander - daily ebay photo find #77

Vickers Wellington T.Mk.XVII - Airborne Interception Radar

.. According to 'Acklington' on the 'Airfix Tribute forum' these three photos of a Wellington T.XVII (T.17) are the 'first photos of this version to surface'. He continues, " it is indeed a T. XVII (T.17), as shown by the side window arrangement of the GR.11 from which it was converted. Of interest also it has retained the standard GR.11 'Coastal Command' colour scheme. Perhaps it was the first conversion, or did all eleven T.17s retain a coastal command colour scheme? Apart from the side windows it is in other respects very similar to the T. XVIII (T.18), and appears to also have the faired-over tail gun position..."

At the time of posting all on offer here

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