339 Sqn Hellenic Air Force F-4 Phantom spectacular RIAT 2016 Wednesday arrivals 06 July with Team Zeuss F-16 Greek display team -RIAT 2016 (3)

..Wednesday afternoon 6 July 2016, around about tea time, in the 'park and view' at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, I was lucky enough to see an F-4 in the air! Two in fact. Tad Dippel photo. Didn't ask Tad if he had a shot of the two together. Anyone got that ?

Nigel Woolley video via youtube embed code. A single click to view here

chatted to the Greek F-4 pilot;

 " how much longer are you going to be flying the F-4?"

 "..oh ..err ..at least 40 years I think .."

 "no, how much long-eeerr..?!"

Below; superb Michael Legg photo

and below, Monday departure pic from Kevin Skilton

Below;   that's Duncan Ansell. what on earth is he doing on my blog ?!

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