Sunday, 10 July 2016

F-22 Raptor rampage - spectacular display at RIAT 2016 (2)

 Above; Tad Dippel photo from the Thursday morning practise. Below; neat video of Friday morning's display at the 2016 Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. The F-35 gets airborne ahead of the F-22. The Raptor displays before returning to perform several flypasts with the F-35 together before they both landed. This was to be a US Air Force Heritage flight with a P-51 D Mustang joining the F-22 and F-35 but wasn't able to do so due to the wind. F-35 Heritage display pilot was Will Andreotta who I was able to chat to on the pre-show Thursday here


Lots of F-35 coverage at RIAT 2016 on this blog here

Alpha Delta 210 photo coverage on is here

Below; superb Barry Moore photo

Above; Nico Charpentier photo and, below, Rob Yates from Thursday's practise " cloud burst "

Below; Andrew Critchell photo ; " ..Raptor Rampage at RIAT... this is from Saturday taken to the left of FRIAT - missed the wonderful vapour pull up from the take off (wasnt ready for that so have some lovely pics of the bottom half of the a/c surrounded by vapour!) but this is the second pull up showing the new hidden, stealthy cockpit!.."

..and last but not least; on Saturday morning the Raptor went to Duxford for the 'Legends 2016' display. Neil Cotton photo. The only RIAT day that saw the full Raptor display was Friday - there was low cloud on the Saturday and a technical issue on the Sunday both of which caused a curtailment of the displays...

F-22 on the taxiway near the 'Green' entrance. Exceptional Jon Harris photo via the Aviation Photographers FB page here

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