Saturday, 2 July 2016

first F-35s in the UK land at Fairford for RIAT 2016 and display at RAF Marham

The much anticipated arrival of the F-35 to British shores should have taken place at least two years ago, but due to an accident the whole fleet was temporarily grounded, and then restricted to limited range flights. Fast forward to June 27th 2016. Two USMC and one RAF F-35B's are set to make the transatlantic crossing to the UK for the first time. The mission is scrubbed for tankers needed for the crossing go tech two days in a row! Finally on June 29th the three aircraft make it to the UK landing at RAF Fairford in less than ideal weather! The following day three USAF F-35A's make the same trip. The weather only marginally better yielded this set of images..

and via Steve Cooke and Ben Howarth

below; from the RAF Marham FB page

Also on this blog  - F-35 display and hover at Fairford. I say 'hi' to Will Andreotta F-35 'Heritage display team' pilot 

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